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Allergies at Work - Professional Cleaning Keeps Allergies Under Control - Farmington Hills, MI

Allergies can be devastating. They can ruin an entire day of productivity at work if left untreated. If you have professional cleaning services from Pinnacle Commercial Cleaning, then allergens in the office can be held at bay. With the use of proper techniques and our innovative equipment, commercial cleaning services can reduce the amount of allergens that flood into the office during spring and summer.

High efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, vacuums to clean the carpets are very effective at eliminating allergens in the carpet. Pinnacle Commercial Cleaning can also help clean out the air ducts to make sure that the air conditioner isn’t distributing allergy-causing pollen and dust particles. Other tips to keep allergies away:

  • Dust every day! Your cleaning crew knows that dust accumulation is a contributor to the amount of allergens circulating in the office. Help yourself out by keeping small dust cloths by your desk to ward away those evil allergens. Microfiber cloths are considered the best type of duster to use because they remove dust without letting it stir, they hold a large amount of dust, and microfiber cloths won’t scratch surfaces.
  • Keep a small canister of compressed air at your desk to clean the dust out from your keyboard and the hard to reach areas of your desk.